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Promoting Latino Arts & Culture Through Education

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Join in the fun of creativity through LUPE Arte after-school art classes and multimedia art programs. We are also working on two documentaries.

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Meet Our Team

Find out more about the staff at LUPE Arte. We are also glad to have talented artists who teach our classes, as well as community supporters and sponsors.

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Get the latest information about what we are doing. From moving our location to upcoming documentaries, something is always happening at LUPE Arte.

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About Us

Latinas Unidas Por El Arte, or LUPE Arte, is a multimedia nonprofit arts education organization encouraging Latino arts and culture within the Austin, Texas, community. Inspired by a lack of arts education in Texas, we decided not to focus on just one discipline but to work with film, theater, visual arts, and many other areas of the arts. We run a variety of different programs that provide after-school art classes and give young people access to artists working in areas ranging from writing to filmmaking to visual art. Our goal is to be as culturally diverse as possible. Find out more about how we are spreading arts education in Austin and across Texas through our upcoming classes, documentaries, and workshops.

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