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About the Artists
Sulipsa Luque, B.A., M.A., LPC

Sulipsa is a licensed therapist and private clinician for family and individual clients, who also has experience as a bilingual elementary school teacher, journalist, and writer. Her love for music and dancing attracted LUPE Arte's interest, and they appointed Sulipsa as the Program Coordinator. She also teaches after-school art classes in Modern Latin and Folklore Panama Dance, Visual Arts, and Photography.

Christina Romero

Christina (Theatre Arts) feels truly supported as a Teaching Artist in Austin, Texas, thanks to LUPE Arte. LUPE Arte students greet classes with joy and enthusiasm. Together, LUPE Arte instructors and students create inspiring projects. She loves being a LUPE Arte Instructor.

Nelson Danilo Menendez

Nelson is a LUPE Arte Classical Guitar Instructor as well as an interdisciplinary writer and musical composer. His artistic experience and activities sum up more than 20 years nationally as well as internationally, making Nelson an important addition to our roster of artists. His writings have gained exposure through several important publications in California and Texas, as well as through the Latin-American magazine, La Banda Elastica. Whether through poetic verse or prose journalism, Nelson gets his words out. He has also worked in community radio broadcasting for KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, California, and KOOP in Austin, Texas.

Sponsors & Partners Community Support:
Sao Paulos Brazilian Restaurant El Mundo Newspaper Taco Joint SXSW


Metz Recreation Center The Edge of Imagination Station Barrio Writers
MAUC, Mexican American Unity Council Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas


Violet Leos Violet Leos
Executive Director
Sulipsa Luque Sulipsa Luque
Niños Y Arte Program Director
Maria M. Rodriguez (Webmaster) Vacant
Marylou Castillo Marylou Castillo
Board of Directors
Perla Cavazos Perla Cavazos
Board Vice President
Myranda Maldonado-McDaniel Myranda Maldonado-McDaniel
Board Member
Alicia Ledezma Alicia Ledezma
Virginia Hauser Virginia Hauser

Contributing Artists:

Alison Hopson Alison Hopson
Alicia Ledesma Alicia Ledesma
Elizabeth Lopez

Jennifer Genevieve Monroig

Sulipsa Luque Sulipsa Luque
Modern Dance
Aldo Prado Aldo Prado
Visual Art
Johnny Villareal Johnny Villareal
Animation & Film Production
Jesse Rodriguez Jesse Rodriguez
Hip-Hop Dance
Christina Romero Christina Romero
Theatre/Drama Art
Adam R. Deutsch Rosio Torres
Modern Dance
Richard Striebel Richard Striebel
Jennifer Rangubphai Jennifer Rangubphai
Jared Aja Jared Aja
Patricio Villarreal Nelson Menendez
Leonel Garcia Leonel Garcia
Latin Dance
Nelson Menendez Yonnel Augustin
Shelby Graham Maria Santa Cruz
Baile Folklorico
Yonnel Augustin Danielle Moran
Modern Dance
Kito Taylor Kito Taylor
Modern Dance